Plan or Attend a Pay2Play Screening in Your Community


This fall and winter activists across the country will gather in living rooms, theaters and community centers to show a film about the disastrous effects of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and to discuss next steps for overturning the ruling.

Pay2Play is a documentary that takes viewers on a journey through the high drama of an Ohio campaign, uncovers the secret history of the game Monopoly, explores the underworld of Los Angeles street art and shows how the American people can prevent a few plutocrats from buying our democracy.

Click here to plan or attend a screening in your community to learn more about continuing the effort to overturn Citizens United.

Democracy for All Amendment Rallies

For City Specific Rally Descriptions:

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

New Orleans, Louisiana

Chicago, Illinois

Louisville, Kentucky

Phoenix, Arizona

Vienna, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia

U.S. Senate Will Vote on a Constitutional Amendment



  • Letters to the Editor: Write a 250-word piece for your local newspaper supporting this constitutional amendment and for thanking your senators for co-sponsoring.  You can also use this letter as an opportunity to urge your senator(s) who have yet to co-sponsor or to educate people on this proposed 28th amendment.  Here are some sample letters you could use to draft yours.  And remember: the sooner you send it in, the better!  Send a link to your article when it is printed to
  • Organizational Sign on Letter: Dozens of organizations have urged senators to co-sponsor this amendment.  Take a look at the letter!  If your organization would like to join, email Margrete at to be added.
  • Check Out Pictures of Independence Day Events: While senators were back in their respective states for the week of Fourth of July, our activists on July 2nd and 3rd went to their senators district offices to thank or protest around the democratic issue of money in politics and some even marched in their town’s local parade!  Look to see some of the great patriotic events that happened in your area! (Didn’t see your event on our site?  Send us a report back and we would be happy to share it!)

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