Month: January 2021

Be A Committed Financial Consultant

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Being an agent and selling life insurance is a noble job. For some it is something fulfilling. Many who sell an insurance are looking to help people to plan and secure their financial future.

When selling insurance, it is important that people trust you. They must see something in you that will make them trust you and enable them to understand what you are selling and promoting. Your clients must see and feel that you’re after their welfare and not just after what you are selling and the commissions that comes along with it.

Being an insurance agent one should be committed and well versed with the Insurance world. It’s very significant to explain to your clients the concept of what you are offering them. Make them understand first before they avail. It is important that the belief in the product is built.

Keeping an eye on your finances

There are various ways to keep an eye on your income and expenses. Starting with the classic budget book that you can print out, through Excel tables and templates, to practical apps that do most of the work automatically.

Best tools for your finances

The all-rounder apps: Bluecoins and Money Manager

Tracking income and expenses via the smartphone offers several advantages. You can enter your purchases directly into the app in the supermarket or, in some cases, simply take a photo of the receipt. The second advantage of financial tracking via mobile phone is the software available. The really modern tools now appear almost exclusively for the smartphone. The top apps Money Manager and Bluecoins for Android have a contemporary design and also offer a wealth of practical functions.

The best financial tools for the pc

Even those who prefer to only enter their income and expenses on the PC will not go away empty-handed. With the free MyMicroBalance program, you can manage your savings and evaluate your finances. Enter your input and output via a tidy and functional interface. You can automate recurring items. All of your data can be protected against unauthorized access with a password.

Chic budget book for the smartphone: Mobills and 1Money

The Android apps 1Money and Mobills come with a stylish design and cool functions, which go beyond a mere household book. With 1Money you can record all expenses at a glance and see the different categories. There is also a special budget function with which you can split your salary into savings and expenses in different categories such as groceries, cars or shopping. At the beginning of the month, you can see what you can expect and what you will save.

Saving money in everyday life: Proper shopping helps enormously

When it comes to saving, the little things in life often count. In addition to a budget book, a simple shopping list can help to save a lot of money. If you concentrate on the goods that are really needed when shopping, you don’t end up with an overcrowded shopping cart at the checkout. This way you can get away with a personal payday loan.