Monthly Archives: August 2019

How To Start A Business Without Money?

For many who wants to start a new business, the main question is where to get the funds to get started? For famous businessmen like Dan Lok, they would tell you to get a job because you need money to start anything. After you get a job, then you can plan something on the side […]

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The Impact of Bitcoin on Economy, Banking, and Finance

To some people, Cryptocurrencies are disruptive economic innovation that has the possibility to revolutionize the current economic structure and amend how banks and financial institutions operate. Bitcoin is a very popular form of cryptocurrency that allows digital transactions between two parties or people without the need of an intermediary which is why the term peer-to-peer […]

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The Amazing Benefits of Hard Money Loans

There are times when we suddenly think of investing on something such as business, house, or a car, and we do not have enough money to use as a deposit of capital, which is why there are what we call loans, which I know most of you are familiar with. If you urgently need a […]

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