Monthly Archives: July 2022

E-business and E-commerce – What Makes These Business Models Different

The early beginnings of e-business was in 1989, of which the most significant ecommerce website that rolled out is the Amazon online store built by Jeff Bezos in 1990. Ecommerce back then was actually only a part of the larger Internet-based commerce known as ebusiness. Until later years, smartphone users got into the habit of […]

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What Does Finance In Companies Include?

Finance and accounting include all areas of the company that are related to finance. You can document, monitor and control all incoming and outgoing cash and service flows here. This creates the basis for conclusive accounting. Sections of finance and accounting   On the one hand, finance and accounting serve to map operational value streams […]

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Difference Between Investing And Gambling

Investing is using capital to make a profit. For example, investing in real estate means buying a property and intending to resell it at a higher price. But be careful because you can also lose money investing, and you might encounter a housing market crash. Unlike investing, gambling is a game of chance, which usually […]

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